In previous time, people used to get the cakes mostly on birthdays and weddings but now cakes have become a common dessert which people prefer to eat when they crave for something sweet. Another difference is that before some years, there used to be very simple cakes but now cakes come in different forms. You can find the customized cake, different flavored cakes, fondant cake and buttercream cake. The parties are incomplete without cake. Couple of years ago, cakes were only available in the bakery but now the online cake delivery has been introduced by many cake designer who offers a great variety of cake. As you know, online delivery service has a lot of benefits but on the other hand is has disadvantages too.

So when you are getting a customized cake in Dubai through online service, you should remember the advantages as well as the disadvantages too.

So let’s move onto the disadvantages.

  • Quality: Whenever you buy something from the market, you try to get the best quality of it. So when you are buying the things online, you look for the things that have the best quality. In online service, you just have to trust the pictures and the description given by the company about the product. So you when visit the site of the bakery to order the cake, you’ll see the tempting and mouthwatering cakes. The first that will come into your mind after seeing the picture is to order the cake quickly. Now you have ordered the cake and you are impatiently waiting for it. When you receive the cake, you’ll open the box with excitement. You might get disappointed by seeing the cake because most of the times, you don’t get the right and perfect things. For instance, the cake was shown very much big in the picture but when you receive it, it wasn’t of the same size. There is a huge chance that the cake doesn’t contain all the items that have mentioned in the description which will lower its quality.
  • Delivery: When you buy the cake through online service, you’ll have to pay an extra amount in the name of delivery charges. The delivery charges are set for every area and they charge you a good amount of money through this. Most of the times, you don’t get the cake on time. If you have ordered a cake for a party and you receive the cake when all your guest have left. What would you do with the cake now?
  • Price: There is a huge difference between the prices of the cake you buy from the bakery and the cakes you buy online. Make sure you are not being scammed as a lot of people take money from you and don’t deliver the cake.

You must keep these disadvantages in your mind while buying a cake online. Click to read about the advantages.

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