Types of Futuristic Cars

There was a time when people had to travel to distant cities and people would actually say goodbye to their people of the home because they would never know when they will return. As the distance between cities was a lot back then and since people were traveling on foot, it could take them days, weeks and sometimes months depending upon the weather conditions as well. That is why we thank the creators of cars. Cars have changed our lives and now getting a car and auto spare parts are the easiest things to do.

Now there are cars which will be operational on electricity and with the help of sunlight as well which means that people will be saving a lot of money and time from filling the tanks. The future of cars is discussed always and with great keen because cars have caused a lot of harm to the world due to pollution spread by cars. But now a days, the world is thriving to make smaller, cheaper and safe cars and also by making cheap BMW parts in Dubai. If you are a fanatic of cars then you will be thanking your stars to be here because here, you will be reading about the types of futuristic cars.

  1. Volkswagen NILS: this is the big boss of the car world because it owns a lot of brands including Audi, Ferrari, Ducati, Bugatti, Porsche and many more. And this car will be the most iconic as it will be a fully electric car and will be totally pollution less and noise less. It will be operational on 25 watts of electric motor and it will have wheels that will be extended out of the frame of the car. It will be a light weighted car because it will be made up of aluminium and different light weight yet durable materials. It will be a two-seater car.
  2. Chevrolet EN V 2.0: this is another two-seater car that may be smaller than Volkswagen NILS. It almost seems like a Tuk Tuk because of its front wheel are like any regular car and the back wheels are extended outside from the body of the car.
  3. Mercedes Benz F 125: it is a four-seater car which will be like any other regular car but it has latest automatic doors just like of Ferrari which open upwards but it will be cheaper.

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