Weird Facts About Doors

Facts are all around us. There are many facts that happen to be our part of lives. You must be wondering that how a bunch of facts can become a part of our lives. Well, you can imagine that if there were no facts that how come there would have been so much progress. And there are some people who don’t believe about the events that happened in the past and for them there are some facts. And without these facts, we stand now where. The facts are the things that make sure that we have our current results door.

There many facts out there and here we are talking about facts about doors. You and many others always ask us that why doors fascinate us? Well, can you think of your lives without the doors. How would you feel, people watching you all the time, while you are changing, doing your personal matter in the bathroom, sleeping or doing anything for that matter. When we think of buying a home, we always say that we want this and that thing in the house while we never think about the door and we are good at whatever door that is. But there are some facts about doors, sliding glass doors and there are some really interesting facts about glass partition in Dubai as well, so, keep reading to know more;

  • The church: a church is a place where the Christians worship and around the world, you will see most churches that have red doors and they are that way because there is a concept that the guests know about the safety and sanctuary and it symbolized the blood that Jesus sacrificed for His people.
  • Queen Victoria: in Ireland, all the doors are colorful and that is why there was a time when people painted their doors black and that happened then the queen Victoria passed away and they did this to show that they are heart broken and sad.
  • Myth: there is a myth that if you don’t close your doors and windows by the night fall, all the bad spirits get inside of your home.
  • Oldest door in the world: yes, doors have a unique history too and a team of National Geographic channel found a door that was aged back 5100 years ago.