Surprising dangers of poor dental health

The overall health of our body and quality of life depends on oral health. The dental diseases are the most common causes of medical and emergency room visits. The dental problems may occur at any age in life and sometimes medications and chronic illnesses may also cause dental problems. Good dental care from the right American dental clinic Abu Dhabi may help in the prevention of serious health problems such as gum diseases and tooth loss. Poor health hygienic conditions can lead to severe health problems. Some of the problems have been given in this article.

Tooth decay:

Plaque is produced by bacteria which cause cavities and it also harms the enamel. Dry mouth is one of the important reasons of tooth decay and in later age dry mouth occurs most commonly. Saliva protects the teeth and it reduces bacteria but in the absence of saliva or due to lack of production of saliva it causes tooth decay. Dry mouth can sometime occur due to several medications for depression. Asthma and high blood pressure. These problems most commonly occur in the later age.

Gum diseases:

Gum diseases are common in every age and two in the three seniors of age 65 have gum diseases which should be checked by an orthodontist Abu Dhabi. The severe gum diseases can lead to sore, bleeding gums, chewing problems and tooth loss. But in most of the cases, the gum diseases are asymptomatic. Good dental care and early prevention of gum diseases can prevent from serious health problems.

Tooth loss:

Tooth loss is the most common phenomenon in later age and it can also affect nutrition. In most of the cases, tooth loss occurs due to lack of calcium supplements. The persons who has high intake of carbohydrates and carbonated drinks have to experience tooth loss in early ages. For longer tooth life, you should eat healthy and organic food.

Heart diseases:

Severe gum diseases increase the risk of heart diseases and if a person is already suffering from heart problems then it will worsen his condition. The persons who have severe gum diseases are at high risk of stroke.


Gum diseases are also associated with diabetes because gum diseases affect sugar levels in blood. The more production of glucose in saliva leads to growth of bacteria in mouth which ultimately causes gum diseases.

Oral cancer:

Older people are at high risk of development of oral cancer. The risk of oral cancer is high in the persons who use tobacco.

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